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I found this great article on Allison Lewis, founder of the emerging label “Lewis”, where she is interviewed by Smart Money Small Business, and speaks on the business side of fashion and running her growing business in a down-economy. She also discusses getting in front of influential fashion editors, which helped her visibility tremendously.

Read the interview here:
InFocus: A Designing Woman



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Ok, you have to read this article. Then when you’re done, read it again. Because Marc Ecko has killer brand building ideas. And so should you. Here’s the link:

“It’s Going to Be Big” by Arthur Lubow for Inc. magazine

My quick summary:

Don’t think of yourself as a T-shirt company or a jeans company, but think of yourself as a brand. A brand that lives and breathes. If you’ve got limited funds, find creative ways to build and promote your brand. Marc used YouTube to inexpensively generate lots of media attention for publicity stunts, way before it was fashionable to do so.  One year, Marc couldn’t afford to be at MAGIC but turned it into his best sales year to date by employing a street team to promote the fact that he wasn’t at MAGIC, therefore generating tons of inquiries. (Guerrilla marketing at its best.) As of today, Marc’s brand continues to be successful, despite the economic down-turn, demonstrating the power of brand loyalty.

These are some of the highlights of the article, but you should really read all of it to learn from the awesomeness that is Marc Ecko. Enjoy!

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Great news! My article went live on Nolcha.com today and was made a feature. For those of you who don’t know, Nolcha.com is a business magazine aimed at start-up fashion companies. It’s got lots of great advice and it’s free!

My article is called “Risky  Business: Why now, more than ever, you should be investing in your brand image.”

It’s about competing in this tough market and how a well thought out brand image can help you gain the confidence of retailers.


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In a recent article in WSJ, it seems that local indie designers who sell directly to their customers may have a distinct advantage over others in this economy. My quick read: the experience of the customer interacting directly with the designer adds value and a perception of additional luxury, causing customers to develop an emotional connection and to return again and again. This, my friends, is the essence of brand loyalty. Read about this positive trend here:

Local Color: Shopping Hometown Designers” by Christina Brinkley for WSJ. Enjoy!

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Seriously, take your butt over to your local book store and pick up the latest issue of the Harvard Business Review On Point: “Growing Your Business in a Downturn”. Unfortunately the HBR doesn’t post articles online for free very much, so you really have to got to buy it. It’s worth every penny of the $16.95 cover price. It’s like getting an MBA in a bite-sized package.

My fave articles in this issue have to do with how discounting hurts your brand over the long run, how you should manage your brand for your long-term vision (and not quarterly), and how not to get too comfy sitting on your laurels even if you are number 1. Case studies mention Nike, Levi’s, and others. It’s pretty heady stuff, but I know you can handle it.  Enjoy!

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