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As we know, businesses come in all shapes and sizes. I found this great article and interview on Etsy about doing your due diligence to make your Etsy shop a success, so you can eventually quit your day job. Practical, actionable, and inspiring. And while your business may be different, it’s definitely advice you can use. I love little success stories like these. Enjoy!

Here’s the link: Quit Your Day Job: johnnyvintage


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I found this great article on Allison Lewis, founder of the emerging label “Lewis”, where she is interviewed by Smart Money Small Business, and speaks on the business side of fashion and running her growing business in a down-economy. She also discusses getting in front of influential fashion editors, which helped her visibility tremendously.

Read the interview here:
InFocus: A Designing Woman


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Here’s a great article on some young, up-and-coming fashion designers, and how they’re pulling off success in these tough times. They’re not only creative, but smart business people as well. Check it out and get inspired:

The New Guard

By Bridget Foley for W Magazine

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I love this article on Inc.com. It profiles George Vlagos, the founder and designer behind the high quality Oak Street Shoes line, and how he launched his shoe business. The gist of the article: He had virtually no marketing budget, and very little name recognition. But when a blogger friend blogged about George’s new line, complete with nicely shot photos from different angles, and shots of some branded material, word began to spread quickly and George was well on his way to building his name. It teaches us a very powerful lesson about blogs, and how they can be used to promote a brand on a shoestring. My advice to you: identify key bloggers in your industry, and begin building a relationship with them.

My personal note: I love that George’s branding subtly and tastefully calls people’s attention to craftsmanship and Americana. Everything down to the name is perfectly chosen. Job well done.

Here’s a link to the article, which also links back to the sites mentioned above. Enjoy!

Adding Some Pep to Our Step

By Gina Pace for Inc.com

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Great news! My article went live on Nolcha.com today and was made a feature. For those of you who don’t know, Nolcha.com is a business magazine aimed at start-up fashion companies. It’s got lots of great advice and it’s free!

My article is called “Risky  Business: Why now, more than ever, you should be investing in your brand image.”

It’s about competing in this tough market and how a well thought out brand image can help you gain the confidence of retailers.


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Have you heard of Nolcha.com? If not, you have to check it out. It’s got tons of great business advice for the young fashion start-up. And, as of tomorrow, I will be a guest blogger there, blogging exclusive content about branding and brand image. I’ll post a link and snippet here when my article comes out, very soon. Enjoy!

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