I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the best long-lived brands think about themselves as a lifestyle. Tory Burch has done this exceedingly well, and in her interview with Ladies Who Launch (available at the link below) credits the lifestyle concept, and following the lifestyle needs of her customers, with being a big part of her brand strategy.  We can learn so much from Tory Burch.  Enjoy!

Meet the lady who Oprah called “the next big thing in fashion.”

I love this piece that came out in WSJ.com. It talks about how consumers are experiencing brand fatigue from big luxury brands and seeking something unique in fashion, hence the strong emergence of indie fashion, and websites and TV showcases like Etsy, Smashing Darling and IndieShop that give consumers unprecedented access to beautiful, independently produced goods, while creating a mega-million dollar industry.

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Crafts, Clothes and Clout

Small Designers Reach Larger Audience With Growth of Web and TV Showcases

I found this great article on Allison Lewis, founder of the emerging label “Lewis”, where she is interviewed by Smart Money Small Business, and speaks on the business side of fashion and running her growing business in a down-economy. She also discusses getting in front of influential fashion editors, which helped her visibility tremendously.

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InFocus: A Designing Woman