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A few months ago, the amazing Kathleen Fasanella from Fashion Incubator chimed in on a blog post of mine buy posting a comment with some great links from her website on how to better work the fashion trade shows. Here are links to those tips again, posted front and center for everyone to see.

1. How to promote yourself bef1ore a show

2. How to promote your line at a tradeshow

3. What it’s like to exhibit at MAGIC

Tip from Kathleen:

“One last take away, I CANNOT stress this enough:
Make sure your booth number is on EVERY SINGLE piece of material in your booth. EVERYTHING, down to press releases, press reprints you give away, line sheets, order forms, business cards, swag, whatever. If that means you have to order little stickers to plaster on everything, so be it. Seriously.”

And lastly, I found this great interview with the folks who put on MAGIC on Fashion Biz Inc’s website. It also has some great advice on how to work the shows. It’s called “Get the most out of MAGIC!”


Good luck at market everyone!


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Ok, you have to read this article. Then when you’re done, read it again. Because Marc Ecko has killer brand building ideas. And so should you. Here’s the link:

“It’s Going to Be Big” by Arthur Lubow for Inc. magazine

My quick summary:

Don’t think of yourself as a T-shirt company or a jeans company, but think of yourself as a brand. A brand that lives and breathes. If you’ve got limited funds, find creative ways to build and promote your brand. Marc used YouTube to inexpensively generate lots of media attention for publicity stunts, way before it was fashionable to do so.  One year, Marc couldn’t afford to be at MAGIC but turned it into his best sales year to date by employing a street team to promote the fact that he wasn’t at MAGIC, therefore generating tons of inquiries. (Guerrilla marketing at its best.) As of today, Marc’s brand continues to be successful, despite the economic down-turn, demonstrating the power of brand loyalty.

These are some of the highlights of the article, but you should really read all of it to learn from the awesomeness that is Marc Ecko. Enjoy!

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Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t written in a few weeks, I have been severely under the weather and now needing to catch up on blogging duties. Never fear, I’ve been brewing up some good topics, so keep checking back for more fashion branding and marketing fabulosity.

Last week, reader Kelly M wrote in with a great question, which I’ll post here with a response, so everyone can see. Thanks Kelly! Here is the question:

“I work for a small manufacturer of eco-friendly products. We are considering attending one of these fashion shows- either Magic, Pool, Project.. etc. We know that Magic incorporated Ecollection this year. By the looks of the description this may be a great opportunity for our company… however we are really unsure if this should be “the one”. What were your thoughts on Ecollection and how would you go about choosing a trade show if you haven’t participated in one before.”

Great question, Kelly. In previous years, the Eco category was given a small section in POOL [last year it was called “(s)econds”], but as you can see the category is growing tremendously, so much so that MAGIC has dedicated a much bigger effort to it with Ecollection. I haven’t been to Ecollection yet but a client of mine showed this past August with good results. Since MAGIC is in fact the largest fashion trade show, I think it should rank high up there in terms of which show you decide to go to. MAGIC probably gets some of the highest foot traffic of all the shows, so to me, showing at Ecollection makes sense. I would definitely choose a big show like MAGIC and show under the Eco category,  as opposed to doing a smaller show that also might have less foot traffic. Basically, you want exposure to as many retail buyers as possible, and MAGIC affords you that possibility.

Also, from what I have seen, POOL is fairly small and heavily dominated by T-shirts and youngish, trendy hipster wear, and it does get less traffic. PROJECT is bigger, and more oriented toward young lifestyle fashion, like fashion jeans and such.

Of course, you have to look at your budget and decide what you can afford to do. But if you can swing the cost, I do believe MAGIC is the place to be. If you decide to do MAGIC, make sure you’re prepared: Make some clean and attractive signage so people can easily see your booth, and bring good marketing materials, even if they are simple and low-budget.

Thanks, Kelly! I hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to write again if you have more questions!

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