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I love this piece that came out in WSJ.com. It talks about how consumers are experiencing brand fatigue from big luxury brands and seeking something unique in fashion, hence the strong emergence of indie fashion, and websites and TV showcases like Etsy, Smashing Darling and IndieShop that give consumers unprecedented access to beautiful, independently produced goods, while creating a mega-million dollar industry.

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Crafts, Clothes and Clout

Small Designers Reach Larger Audience With Growth of Web and TV Showcases


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I love this article that just came out in W magazine. My quick, two-second summary: those who are truly purchasing luxury fashion right now are not the skinny 16 year olds, they’re the established forty-something women with experience and the cash to prove it. Sure, they might like edgy or avante-garde styling, but they also have curves and want to be comfortable. What does this teach us? That in order to survive in this market, you have to truly know your customer. And design just for her. May success then follow.

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Adult Content

Not a cash-strapped, trend-crazed kid anymore? Perfect. You’re fashion’s new best friend.

by Dana Wood for W magazine

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In a recent article in WSJ, it seems that local indie designers who sell directly to their customers may have a distinct advantage over others in this economy. My quick read: the experience of the customer interacting directly with the designer adds value and a perception of additional luxury, causing customers to develop an emotional connection and to return again and again. This, my friends, is the essence of brand loyalty. Read about this positive trend here:

Local Color: Shopping Hometown Designers” by Christina Brinkley for WSJ. Enjoy!

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I love this story. It supports everything I believe about the power of branding and savvy marketing. When done right, your brand can withstand anything. The folks at Rock & Republic have it down cold. Read their story here:

“Selling $300 Jeans in a Down Economy,” by Stacy Perman for BusinessWeek

What I really love about their story is how they turned away certain retailers (they even said no to Barneys-gasp!), to create a sense of exclusivity, which ultimately supported their brand and created more fanatical lust for their product. Again, pure genius. What decisions will you make to support and pump up your brand?

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I love Roland Mouret’s prophetic take on how luxury brands must evolve in order to survive. It sounds a lot like going back to indie designer roots. Indie designers, take heart. You’re in a unique position to change the future of fashion. Rock on.

Read Roland’s prophetic vision: “The Shape of Things to Come“, an interview with WSJ magazine.

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Coach, regarded by some as the “McDonald’s” of luxury brands, may be experiencing some discomfort in the down-market looming on American retail. In an effort to distinguish its brand from the high-end Louis Vuittons of the world and go for the mass consumer with “approachable”  (yet gauche) aspirational logo branding and “approachable luxury” pricing, it may have unwittingly positioned itself to experience lackluster sales often felt by mass market brands in a soft economy. Can this situation be turned around?

Read about it here:

“Coach on the Edge” by Nancy Hass

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