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As we know, businesses come in all shapes and sizes. I found this great article and interview on Etsy about doing your due diligence to make your Etsy shop a success, so you can eventually quit your day job. Practical, actionable, and inspiring. And while your business may be different, it’s definitely advice you can use. I love little success stories like these. Enjoy!

Here’s the link: Quit Your Day Job: johnnyvintage


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A few months ago, the amazing Kathleen Fasanella from Fashion Incubator chimed in on a blog post of mine buy posting a comment with some great links from her website on how to better work the fashion trade shows. Here are links to those tips again, posted front and center for everyone to see.

1. How to promote yourself bef1ore a show

2. How to promote your line at a tradeshow

3. What it’s like to exhibit at MAGIC

Tip from Kathleen:

“One last take away, I CANNOT stress this enough:
Make sure your booth number is on EVERY SINGLE piece of material in your booth. EVERYTHING, down to press releases, press reprints you give away, line sheets, order forms, business cards, swag, whatever. If that means you have to order little stickers to plaster on everything, so be it. Seriously.”

And lastly, I found this great interview with the folks who put on MAGIC on Fashion Biz Inc’s website. It also has some great advice on how to work the shows. It’s called “Get the most out of MAGIC!”


Good luck at market everyone!

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Have you heard of Nolcha.com? If not, you have to check it out. It’s got tons of great business advice for the young fashion start-up. And, as of tomorrow, I will be a guest blogger there, blogging exclusive content about branding and brand image. I’ll post a link and snippet here when my article comes out, very soon. Enjoy!

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You have got to check out Marketing Sherpa.

It’s a little steep to get a one-year subscription to this site, (I think it’s $400?) but if you can swing the cash, the returns might be handsome. I did it, and was able to gain insights that really helped my clients. A membership gets you direct access to the latest and greatest real-life case studies, research, and data on how to maximize your return on marketing efforts, and covers diverse topics like email newsletters, direct response, social networking, website landing pages, and much, much more. If you don’t mind busting open your piggy bank, this could be some of the best money you have ever spent. I think it’s one of the best online repositories of marketing knowledge ever. To get the most out of your membership, join up and read this site voraciously. I do.

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