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Thanks to my friend, fashion business consultant Juliet Sander, for finding this great article. My quick read: Anthropologie puts a lot of effort into crafting a creative lush environment for its shoppers, inspiring them to extend that feeling into their own lives with their gorgeous wares and distinctive feminine fashions. This is a successful case study in brand loyalty, starting the emotional connection right in the store, building a story right in the store, and involving your customer in that story. It is also a case study in truly knowing your customer, and the kind of life they live and aspire to.

“Sophisticated Sell” by Polly Labarre for Fast Company. Enjoy!


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I love this article on Inc.com. It profiles George Vlagos, the founder and designer behind the high quality Oak Street Shoes line, and how he launched his shoe business. The gist of the article: He had virtually no marketing budget, and very little name recognition. But when a blogger friend blogged about George’s new line, complete with nicely shot photos from different angles, and shots of some branded material, word began to spread quickly and George was well on his way to building his name. It teaches us a very powerful lesson about blogs, and how they can be used to promote a brand on a shoestring. My advice to you: identify key bloggers in your industry, and begin building a relationship with them.

My personal note: I love that George’s branding subtly and tastefully calls people’s attention to craftsmanship and Americana. Everything down to the name is perfectly chosen. Job well done.

Here’s a link to the article, which also links back to the sites mentioned above. Enjoy!

Adding Some Pep to Our Step

By Gina Pace for Inc.com

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If you are an indie fashion label, then you should be. SmashingDarling.com is a place where indie fashion labels can show and sell their wares online to the discerning fashionista, as an alternative to mass market fashion and malls. For indie designers, it’s great way to build a cult following and sell your product.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Trish Ginter, one of the amazing forces behind Smashing Darling, and she gave some great advice for indies looking to showcase their wares on Smashing Darling, as well as some thoughts on how sites like hers might shape the fashion world. Here’ s the interview, enjoy!

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Surely you’ve heard of Rodarte, the young and wildly successful label by Laura and Kate Mulleavy. Apparently, what got them noticed was their first lookbook, a gorgeous handcrafted piece using paper dolls, which they sent to editors and got immediate attention at WWD and Vogue, giving the young and insanely talented designers a rocket boost into superstardom. To read more about it, go here.

Your lesson here. An amazing lookbook can help you get noticed by the people that count. When you are ready to make your lookbook, think creatively. Use unusual materials. Send it in a gorgeous package. How can you stand out from a pile of junk on editors’ desks? I am sure you’ve got the creative chops to handle it.

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