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Welcome, fashion designers!

Hey there! I want to give a big shout out to all the fabulous people I met at MAGIC, PROJECT, and POOL and to let you know that this blog is specifically for you: the hot, up-and-coming fashion designer who needs solid advice on branding your company, the next big thing!

If you have a young fashion label or are thinking about launching one, check back here frequently for tips you can use. I’ll be offering solid branding advice from my own experience, links to articles that offer entrepreneurial insight, and my own interviews with retail buyers, where I learn exactly what branded touches they’re looking for when searching for hot new label.

And feel free to email me your own specific questions about branding or launching a new business. I’m all ears, baby. I’ll answer your question right here, on this blog, so that everyone receives the benefit.

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Ah, branding. It’s the buzzword of the day, but does anyone really know what it is? You know you need to brand your business, but the sheer amount of info on branding is overwhelming. Where to start? Let’s look at some definitions that will help you think about branding in the right frame of mind.

Very simply put, your brand is your customer’s emotional connection with your company, service or product. Everything you do or say becomes your brand, or what you are known for. The way your customers experience your company or product becomes your brand. Your brand should reflect their lifestyle, their needs, their feelings, their dreams and aspirations.

Branding is a little different, but no less important: it is how your visualize and verbalize your brand experience to your customers. Fashion metaphor: imagine your branding as an outfit that you’d wear to express your individual style and philosophy to attract the kind of people you want to date. What “outfit” is your fashion company wearing? Does it say what you want it to say? Is it attracting the right kind of customer? Does your branding stand out in the crowd? Does it distinguish you from the vast sea of competitors?

Good branding can do all that and more.

In Part 2, I’ll talk about the tools that are all considered a necessery part of branding a young fashion company.

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