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It’s a common scenario: you’re a brand spankin’ new fashion label just starting out, and  you’re so excited to get your product placed just about anywhere, that you forget to stop and think strategically about who your real target customer is. The truth is, while it’s tempting to try, you can’t be a “Hot Mom” jeans company and a “Rock Star” jeans company at the same time, it just doesn’t work. When you try be all things to all people, you end up with a generic brand that doesn’t feel special.

And what your customers really want is to feel special. You want them to feel as though you made your new line specifically for them and for their lifestyle. Because you love them. And if they feel the love, they’ll love you right back. And your sales will rock.

Know your niche: get into the mind of that special dream customer who would buy your brand again and again, and find out what makes them tick. What is their lifestyle, and how does your jean fit into it?  Then, design your brand entirely around your dream customer. Want to know how? Stay tuned for more.


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What is a line sheet?

I love this post on Kathleen Fasanella’s blog, Fashion-incubator.com, where she tackles the answer to this question. For anyone looking to start a fashion company, the line sheet is a must-have sales tool. Read on!


Other resources on this topic:

Also, here’s a cool example of what a T-shirt company put together, which in this case is not quite a line sheet, but a cross between that and a catalog. Really fun though. I like this sample because it feels really special and makes the buyer want to hold onto it, and hopefully buy from the line. See http://www.t-shirtforums.com/p66648-post7.html

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